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Two Strategies That Can Help Anyone Get Fit

Blogs can be a great source of inspiration for people yet sometimes I feel that the information being provided can be too complicated and therefore lacking connection with the reader. Ultimately this may lead to boredom with the outcome being that nothing is learned. 

With that in mind, all blog posts shared by Collective Fitness will aim to be as condensed as possible, leaving you “the reader” with the information you came for in the first place.

Today's topic will focus on how to create consistency in your life and how you can develop a positive mindset towards your fitness journey by breaking down goals.

Take a moment to read these two sentences and see which one sounds more appealing to you:

#1 - For the next 12 weeks I am going to lose X amount of body fat and put on Y amount of muscle 

#2 - I am going to commit to exercising 3-4 times this week alone and based on how well I was able to stick to this I will adjust my following week accordingly. The key is that I will repeat this process 12 times. 

Which one did you choose?

We all set ambitious and wonderful goals that we want to achieve but rarely follow through on our promise. In fact, science says that a whopping 92 percent of people who set New Year's goals actually never achieve them. 

Why? Because we are too long term focused and we don’t know how to make them a reality. It's that simple! 

So here is how you are going to break this habit and be in the top 8%!

Step 1 - Just Focus On The Week Ahead

If you want to get fitter, you know that you are going to need to exercise right? Cool so let’s start this week by exercising 3-4 times within the week. 

Right now things like the type of exercise you do, how long each session should be, and other minute details don't matter. 3-4 sessions per week, that's it! 

Step 2 - Get The Hard Tasks Out Of The Way First

As the day progresses, as humans we are less likely to follow through on our daily checklist. Why? Because life takes over and most of the time we are thrown a curveball which screws up our plans. 

Try and get your workout complete as early as you can in the day. The earlier the better. Think about it this way, if you wake up on a Monday morning and have your training finished before 10am then you have 6 more days to get the remaining 2-3 sessions done. The week seems easier now doesn’t it?

In Summary

So which sentence did you choose above? If you are like me I would have always picked the first sentence. But I would say that 90% of the time I failed to follow through on the full 12 weeks. I have recently adopted the approach of the second sentence and haven’t looked back since.

The key is to start early and keep at it, and let the power of compound interest take you to your goals. Taking that one step today, no matter how small it is, will help you tap into the endless potential of compounding.

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