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Understanding Energy Intake, Storage & Transfer

Quick Fire Intro:

Once we get nutrients into our cells our body can do many things with them, such as: 

  • Oxidise them for energy 
  • Use them to build the body’s components 
  • Store them to use later or excrete them 

We don’t produce energy, energy doesn’t get created or destroyed it is transformed from one form to another. What we do is convert energy that is already stored within our food. 

When food is broken down, energy is released. This energy is what fuels the process we need to form ATP. This process is called energy transfer. 


What is ATP? 

  • It is the body’s energy “currency”. We need ATP for nearly every function in the body. 
  • It moves our skeletal muscles 
  • It contracts our digestive molecules 
  • It produces enzymes 
  • We even need it to form more ATP. 


So where do we get energy from?

  • We need a constant stream of ATP. We can get this ATP from “new” nutrients (nutrients we have already absorbed and passed through our liver) 
  • And from stored nutrients, that have been stored in the liver, in the muscles, or in the fat cells.


We do carry some nutrients in our bloodstream but not enough to keep us going! So, it is vitally important that we fuel our bodies with the correct nutrients for us to have the correct stored energy, so our body’s processes can go on! 

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