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Nostra, Dublin

Just months ago this space resembled a building site, yet after knocking down walls, building new offices, and creating a variety of workstations, it has been transformed into a state of the art workplace with a fitness facility that many would envy.
"During our relocation process, we asked the guys at Collective Fitness to help us with the development of our new gym in the Park West office. We briefed them on our expectations and they managed everything from the design process to the selection of the equipment. We both have a shared outlook of creating a healthier workplace and it is nice to witness this is in full flow. They do everything from work with our employees on a 1-1 basis, create custom training plans for each individual using the Collective Fitness app, offer injury and rehabilitation advice, whilst still coming on-site 2-3 times per week to run classes for those who prefer group training." - Nostra CEO Kevin O'Loughlin
From start to finish we worked closely with Connor Gough of BLK BOX who was our right hand man during this project and together we developed a design that we felt best suited the needs of Nostra. With a variety of ages, genders and training backgrounds, it was important that we created a design that would maximise space and equally be suitable for all.
Now that it has been installed the fitness facility has become one of the main hub's of Nostra. People are getting fitter, discussions are being held over a workout, and everyone is connecting in a way that was not possible before. On a weekly basis we provide classes that range from HIIT, Pilates and Strength Training with a monthly Injury Rehab clinic being launched this month. 
If you would like to learn more about how we can help your company then you can reach us by filling out the contact form below or emailing our team directly at