Coaching can be a game changer. If your current plan isn't addressing your specific needs, or if you're tired of second guessing every step, individual coaching will help you get back on track.

Our experienced and passionate instructors help you reach your specific fitness goals. Whether you're fighting injuries, plateauing in your training, or just want to get stronger, we're here to support you.

More than a personal trainer who clocks out at the end of the session, our coaches will design custom programs for you that incorporate nutrition and lifestyle considerations.

Imagine using a program that is uniquely tailored to you. If your work day is busy, your coach will make it a rest day or adapt to focus on recovery. Likewise, if you have limited access to equipment, your coach will give you movements that work for your exact situation.



Once you submit an application, you will be matched with a coach and have a one-on-one call to discuss your background and goals. If you're satisfied with the coaching plan, we'll proceed with the required administrative tasks and schedule your first coaching session.



A coach will collect metrics such as your mobility and strength, as well as baseline data on how you move. You can provide videos and feedback via the Collective Fitness app. You may log food, sleep, and stress in the app to help us understand more about you.



You’ll receive a new workout every week that will progress toward your goals. Your coach will provide constructive feedback on that workout, and you’ll get a 60-minute call with your coach once per month. Everything you need to know about nutrition will also be within the app.


I'm really enjoying my programming with Collective Fitness. My strength and fitness levels have improved dramatically. Checking into the app daily to log workouts is keeping me accountable. Conor and Jack have been extremely helpful!

Sarah G (Ireland)

Conor & James reassured me from the get go, 3 months later I've grown in a person, confidence has sky rocketed, my strength is going up again and my cardio fitness has reached levels I never thought was possible! I work with James on my nutrition he's taught me so much in our monthly calls

Alison L (Ireland)