Athlete 2.0

Athlete 2.0

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Becoming a physically stronger individual should always be the foundation of all good training plans.

That is why we constructed a bespoke strength training plan for those who only want to focus on this element of training.

This 12-week taster plan (e-book format) leans on all of the knowledge our coaches have within elite sport and is structured in a way that will bring you to a level of fitness you never knew existed.

With little cardiovascular training included, this pathway is ideal for those looking to add a significant quantity of muscle and lift heavier weights as each week passes.



"3 months later I've grown in a person, confidence has sky rocketed, my strength is going up again and my cardio fitness has reached levels I never thought was possible!"


"I love the structure of the workouts and how easy it was to stay on track with your training by having the workouts sent to your email. Also getting an email to say when you missed a workout kept me accountable "


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