The Athlete Blueprint
The Athlete Blueprint
The Athlete Blueprint
The Athlete Blueprint

The Athlete Blueprint

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Introducing the Athlete Blueprint, a training program created by athletes, for athletes, to help you reach your performance goals.

Ever wonder what type of training some of the world's top athletes do week in, week out? Now is your chance to try them out for yourself.

Our goal is to unleash your inner athlete by focusing on developing areas such as maximal strength, lean muscle mass, and aerobic capacity.

Gone are the days of doing random workouts and wondering, "Am I doing this right?" Our program is tailored to your strength levels with complete progressions and full breakdowns of every movement with real feedback from strength coaches in our members-only group.

You will be able to record all of your workouts, connect your latest smartwatch technology, and so much more. The Collective Fitness app will provide a tailored experience and deliver real results specifically for you.

Here is what to expect from The Blueprint

  • 5 sessions per week (60-minute sessions or less)
  • Metabolic Conditioning and Fitness training
  • Strength and Power training
  • Injury prevention and isolation accessory exercises

A typical week might look like this…

  • Monday - Upper Body 
  • Tuesday - Lower Body
  • Wednesday - High-Intensity Conditioning (Shorter Duration)
  • Thursday - Rest & Active Recovery
  • Friday - Full Body 
  • Saturday -  High-Intensity Conditioning (Longer Duration)
  • Sunday -  Rest & Active Recovery


"3 months later I've grown in a person, confidence has sky rocketed, my strength is going up again and my cardio fitness has reached levels I never thought was possible!"


"I love the structure of the workouts and how easy it was to stay on track with your training by having the workouts sent to your email. Also getting an email to say when you missed a workout kept me accountable "